»»  About Upland Companies

1968 - Our Founder, Gary Rinderle started in the construction industry building homes.

1973 - Gary developed and built his first complete subdivision.

1978 - Gary incorporated the business as G.R. Construction, Inc. The company operated as such for the next thirteen years continuing to build houses while branching out into various road and government projects including projects in Colorado, Arkansas, Arizona and Wyoming.

1991 - Gary Rinderle Construction Inc. was incorporated.

1987 thru 1999 - GRCI began specializing in residential construction and land development.

1999 - GRCI begins self performing infrastructure work.

2000 - Gary's sons, Nathan and Jason Rinderle moved into management positions of the daily operations of the business.

2001 - GRCI developed its first gravel pit starting Upland Gravel Inc.

2003 - GRCI expanded into municipal infrastructure and site work for hire. GRCI is now specializing in all aspects of Commercial and Residential site development, underground utilities, and gravel supply and distribution.

Currently - Nathan Rinderle is purchasing GRCI and has changed the name to Upland Companies, Inc. for the Construction side of the business and Upland Gravel, LLC for the gravel and landscaping side of the business. Upland Gravel is now operating three gravel pits, 2 in Mesa county 1 in Rio Blanco county.